Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) by The Delfonics

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Stuck in my head this morning in Vegas.

justplainscott 21 Jul 2015

Honestly had a hard time choosing between this and the NKOTB version

frankcornish 27 Apr 2015

Got it from the movie Jackie Brown, which is my new favorite. You should watch it (netflix)! And I love this song.

dmgrey 20 Oct 2014

The Delfonics perform the song #falsettoromance, and Father Christmas (aka Mr Shower (apparently) performs in the nude (presumably)...well it looks a bit like snow if you use a very vivid bit of imagination. #ChristmasIsAComin' (sort of?). I just hope he washed behind his ears. Hope you like it.   7

jovisgoesnuts 19 Dec 2013

I first heard this on Steve Wrights "Sunday Love Songs" CD, which is the best CD ever, and the only one I own, even if it does make me cry for the days when I was a man, and she was my woman, and the sun rose in the morning. The days before the rain came, and my hopes and dreams were washed away forever. Or something. Tune!!!!!!!!!!!!

mrhtou 15 Jul 2014

Not yours! (I love their shimmies!)

lacatchat 11 Feb 2012