Songs of Love by The Divine Comedy

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Yes yes, the theme to Father Ted. But still utterly lovely.   3

RodBegbie 24 Sep 2012

Drink! Arse! FECK!!

BagpussBee 30 Oct 2014

An exquisite song from a wonderful singer/songwriter and one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Thank you Isobellyjellybean for this fantastic comment in YouTube and I share your vision! 'Part of me hopes that someone stumbles across this song without any knowledge of Father Ted and that they wonder which of the band members in the photo is the singer.'   1

philgeorge54 27 Jun 2015

You know that thing where a song hits you just the right way and suddenly you have to listen to it like 19 times? This. Tonight.

TheDoodleAbides 25 Sep 2014

Happy 20th Birthday Father Ted.   1

schaferlord 21 Apr 2015

Re-watching Father Ted

LizDavey 10 Aug 2014