Peace Frog by The Doors

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but gplay was first  

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onelovepictures 15 Feb 2014

Been my ringtone for a while. V funky.   1

IceCoolMilkyT 30 Apr 2015

My momma said that girls are the devil!   8

CaptainJam 25 Apr 2013

Ay up, Sufferers. Another session with Dr B is upon us. Whilst casually flipping through Googly news yestertag (or the Mandelathon as it should now be known) I managed to uncover a fascinating and thought provoking fact that didn't involve the late Mr Nelson. Yes, Jim Morrison, iconic frontman, had he not substanced himself out of existence, would have been 70 yesterday. Now little nuggets like that, set my wee mind wheels a-turnin'. I'm sure there must be a syndrome or an 'ism', to describe the suspension of disbelief that occurs upon the untimely demise of (in this case) a musician and the void created, leading to the wholly unsatisfiable (but understandable) curiosity of how they would look/perform, if they were still with us, years later. Being frozen in of the most captivating conundrums of this complex and at times, incomprehensible thing called life...and indeed, death. Hell's teeth, borderline existentialism...ahem, anyway, here's to ya' Jimbo. 27 for eternity dude..   30

21schizoid 9 Dec 2013

I love this jam cause it's one of the greats..

ksorbonniea 2 May 2015

Turn it up

Mudrock 4 Jul 2015