Touch Me by The Doors

“I'm gonna love you until the stars fall from the sky.”

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I'm gonna love you until the stars fall from the sky.   9

Becksuwak 16 Feb 2015

Following on from @AJDJ 'Soft Parade' here's some more #DoorsJam. Whilst I'm not very list orientated (I'm looking at you @Bukowski) I'm not sure this is the least accomplished album by Mr Mojo Risin' & chums. Any suggestions jammees for least favourite Doors albums or tunes? As it was the first Doors album I owned 'Soft Parade' has a secure place in my affections.   12

adrian4acn 14 Apr 2015

Trying to narrow down to only one Doors song is probably not going to number 91.....Touch Me. a classic. 2nd line of chemo started far just nausea and fits of hiccups!!!!! Happy jamming everyone!   7

njparry 10 Jul 2014

Without prompt I can sing along to any Doors song. I've played them all a million times. If you can, check the making of L A Woman on iPlayer here In the mean time, this from the frequently under rated 'Soft Parade'. #Doors #MrMojoRisin   5

adrian4acn 8 Jun 2013

Most would regard the third and fourth Doors LPs as significantly weaker than their 4 others.True perhaps, but both contained some excellent music and this,in particular,showed how versatile they were.It is absolutely glorious.Starts just after the 30 second mark.   7

tpjdavies 12 Jan 2015

yep   8

augustina 5 Aug 2014