Life In A Northern Town by The Dream Academy

“Wonderful track from the '80s allegedly inspired by the great Nick Drake.”

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Wonderful track from the '80s allegedly inspired by the great Nick Drake.

timmydidge 16 Sep 2012

This song suddenly popped into my head on friday and has been there ever since, it is some awesome tunage that demands it be shared with you, so here i share it. have a happy week peeps and try n be bad :-P

Tarin_Teague 25 May 2015

A tribute to Nick Drake.

portenkirchner 23 Feb 2015

"And though he never would wave goodbye. You could see it written in his eyes. As the train rolled out of sight, bye-bye"   2

ElmoBerry 11 Jun 2013

A Salvation Army band played And the children drank lemonade And the morning lasted all day, all day And through an open window came Like Sinatra in a younger day

ivannovaa 12 Dec 2014

Sleepy earlier than usual. Something ethereal is in order. Good Night XXXX   4

pooblemoo 18 Aug 2015