Direct Lines by The Electronic Circus

“Always knew Chichester was as cool as Sheffield #NewWave #Sussex

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Always knew Chichester was as cool as Sheffield #NewWave #Sussex

mmaattiillddaa 25 Nov 2013


mtt 19 Oct 2014

Seems to be impossible to find the damn vinyl for this gem. Err, jam.   1

tobiassvn 9 Jan 2015

This minimal synth-pop 7" single from 1981 was the band's only output. Written & produced by Chris Payne, who also co-wrote Fade To Grey by Visage and played keys for Gary Numan.   1

deepdisco 30 Apr 2014

I genuinely haven't been able to stop listening to this song. Imminent nuclear destruction as portrayed through the medium of synthpop.

missekawasaki 13 Jul 2014


NisaMishap 5 Sep 2014