Crying in the Rain by The Everly Brothers

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RIP Phil. (Also surely singing the song defeats the purpose of the plan within)

schaferlord 4 Jan 2014

Happy 78th birthday to Don Everly! The Everly Brothers "Crying in the Rain." #SundaySoother #harmonies   1

kzone8 1 Feb 2015

You sort of think, yeah that'll do and end up watching the whole thing and more!   1

Tcricklewood 30 Apr 2014

When you spend years of your life loving a cover version (A-ha) and then finally hear the original. Very into the Everly Brothers right now. The HARMONIES. <3

gingerhobbit 31 Mar 2015

This version or a-ha's? Love them both.   8

Avante 16 Sep 2013

The greatest duet of them all!   5

davidedspencer 25 Apr 2013