Stay With Me by The Faces

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This is about the only Rod Stewart song I can tolerate.   2

alancross 13 Jun 2014

Brilliant clip from a brilliant band

newley 4 Nov 2012

Sorry folks, rapid rethink on this week's Jam due to the sad passing of Ian McLagan. A good friend of mine has said that this may well be the best single of all time, and I have to say it's pretty damned hard to disagree.   9

Phyl 7 Dec 2014

This was on a Time-Life cassette called "Guitar Rock" I had in Grade 12. It was around the time Rod Stewart was doing stuff like "Downtown Train," and until then I had no idea he'd ever sounded like this.   1

damianpenny 19 Jun 2014

#Guitar and more #Guitar   7

BertrandRustles 2 May 2014

16 years old. After cricket practice with the First XI. Big brother tells me they're all going to the pub. I sit in the corner. He brings me a pint of Courage Mild. He puts this on the jukebox. Nothing was ever the same again. It is still like an injection of adrenaline. The single, that is. Not the Mild.

niallb1 30 Oct 2014