Theme From Sparta F.C. by The Fall

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“Just over 4 minutes of audio perfection.”

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Just over 4 minutes of audio perfection.   3

adamdarroll 14 Oct 2014

After last night's set back there's only one team in England that can bring the World Cup home and that's Sparta FC by the Fall.   3

jonjonjohnny 15 Jun 2014

We live on blood, we are Sparta FC!

drewmcdermott 2 Mar 2012

Had this on repeat driving in to work today.

Tim_McNulty 28 Apr 2015

From 2003 comes the Fall's 24th studio album "The Real New Fall LP Formerly Country on the Click". An ungainly title but a wonderful album.   2

AndyWilkinson 11 Jul 2013

#WorldCupJams Semi-Final time! We're all hoping for a 2 exciting & great hard fought but clean biting, head-mashing, no dirty tricks, no weapons, especially no germ warfare..... The background photo featuring famous ex-footballer and now Hollywood actor Vinny Jones and Paul Gascoigne.... Images from'Virile Games' by Jan Svankmajer Also.... a taster for #FoodWeek ....Coming soon....   12

philipnareike 7 Jul 2014