Victoria by The Fall

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but juliascheele was first  

It's just such a pleasure to see Mark E. Smith in uniform.   4

kdd 11 Nov 2014

I like it better than the original. #HotKinksTake

tomkaters 2 Jun 2015

Perhaps my favourite cover version ever.   2

TallulahMiggins 12 Sep 2015

Final jam with a girl's name in the title, here we go for a Kinks covers series :)   7

music_xplosion 12 Sep 2013

The Kinks + Mark E. Smith = <3 Joy <3   2

LoreleiBeatrix 12 Mar 2015

Saw the cover; thought "ooh, I hope it's 'Victoria'"; clicked; obviously had to rejam it.

douglaswolk 2 Jun 2015