Beneath the Brine by The Family Crest

@abhean13, thanks for your recommendation, I love this band ^^”

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@abhean13, thanks for your recommendation, I love this band ^^

xauen 15 Jun 2015

The Family Crest is playing tomorrow night at Eddie's Attic, and I am really looking forward to it. The amount of orchestra and power they put into their music blows me away... I pondered whether I should post this or "The World", but the "Beneath the Brine" evolves makes me feel it's a stronger example... If you're in Atlanta, come join me tomorrow night at the show!

weswilson 20 Jul 2015

So big.

day 23 Mar 2014

God damm the feels on this song.....

LoranSkunky 8 Jul 2014

Sounds kind of like a soft, orchestral Muse with dramatic changes and grand lyrics.

zem 30 Jun 2014

Catching up on All Songs Considered from last week I was struck by this dark & dramatic track. Also: fantastic band name.

npmeyer 26 Feb 2014