Blues For Ceauşescu by The Fatima Mansions

“Greetings from Bucharest.”

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Greetings from Bucharest.

adactio 22 Sep 2014

Cathal Coughlan at his most vitriolic, taken from a live performance on the much-missed Snub TV   10

simonp 8 Nov 2012

I jammed this before but I'm doing it again before THE END....   1

JamieOPR 25 Aug 2015

God, I had this on a promo cassette back in the 90's. Could've sworn it ended with "Give thanks." Maybe this'll get it out of my head...

CTopley 18 Nov 2014

God, I love living in a democracy. I really do.   6

OnlySimonLucas 14 Mar 2014

NOT too late for #dictatorsweek as I originally thought. #indie #90s #1990s   2

UncannyUK 19 Feb 2015