One Thing Leads To Another by The Fixx

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...the wrong antidote is like a bomb down the throat...

cascio 8 Dec 2014

Courtesy of a shoutout in a 1984 Tom Blackwell painting I saw at the Currier Museum yesterday.

debcha 4 Mar 2013

Featured in The House of the Devil #moviesoundtracks

lifeless1 18 Jul 2014

been reenacting the dance scene from house of the devil this morning in the kitchen, right down to the headphones.   1

ifjuly 16 Nov 2014

I remember watching the video to this song on Night Tracks!

alisha8 14 Jan 2014

Great early 80's band. They didn't get as much recognition as they deserve, should have been bigger than they were. Great rock music, one of the few straight rock bands from the period.   1

gingrich1 14 Oct 2013