“The Beatle-iest of the Beatles kids' songs. Also: NSFW.”

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The Beatle-iest of the Beatles kids' songs. Also: NSFW.

swierczy 1 May 2014

From their 2014 album "Midnight Sun".   4

Axol 21 Jan 2015

sit in a dark room, put in your best headphones, and put this on repeat

thebenno 31 Jan 2015

Sean & Charlotte & co. have made a classic, great neo-psychedelic LP that gets better & reveals new layers and/or depths with each listen.

stevebender 3 Jul 2014

For those who may not have heard this, Sean Lennon’s striking evocation of mid-sixties psychedelia actually could pass for a long-lost Beatles track. The goofy visuals are also very period, but don’t do the song any favors.

kurtloder 17 Oct 2014

stop running away

jakcwhiet 21 Jul 2014