So Now You Know by The Horrors

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Can't get it out of my head.   1

CreepyUnknown 18 Sep 2014

I LOVE this album!!!   1

Charlotta 30 Apr 2014

Listen to the new album 'Luminous' here

Happy_Ears 4 May 2014

One of my favorites from 2014, this song has come on twice while I've been out running right at sunrise this past week. It's absolutely perfect for that.   1

sean.flinn 23 Jan 2015

For a second day in a row I've left my headphones at home, so my ability to sift and curate the usual WTFcore I like to torment you with is drastically diminished. So I'll have to stick with another offering from an up-and-coming album I'm genuinely excited about, but rest assured that normal barely-listenable service will be resumed shortly.   1

thesunneversets 25 Mar 2014

Amazing new album (Luminous) by THE HORRORS. #TheHorrors #Luminous #ChimpbotRadio #Songoftheday

gillig 17 Jun 2014