Destroy The Heart by The House of Love

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Startlingly excellent. I have this on 7" and was lucky enough to see them twice in 1988/9. I caught Pete Evans' drum stick as it was hurled into the audience at the end of one gig, took it home and was very happy. I don't have it now :( I have jammed this before but love it and was reminded of it again today.   8

PartyTearsFew 15 Sep 2015

Look out for the new live album.....

GregSweet 27 Oct 2014

Great 90s band, underrated.

LottieBrazier 28 Apr 2012

I've listened to these guys a lot recently..   3

marshamarsh 9 Oct 2012

Off to the the 80s, loved this when it came out, #houseoflove

paulaspel 7 Dec 2013

The number one on the 1988 Festive Fifty, announced on 28 December 1988. Peel's growing dissatisfaction with the "conservative" nature of the list continues, despite his personal enjoyment of many of the songs that made it on. At one point on the final night, he bemoaned his audience's predilection for "young lads strumming guitars" at the expense of the other genres he played on his show.   1

peeljams 18 May 2015