We're Not Deep by The Housemartins


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Never thought I would get to hear this one live. And then on Tuesday at Dublin's Olympia, I did.   1

MrBonehead 1 Nov 2014

You can put it down to lack of patience. You can put it down lack of sleep. But its in my head to stay in bed, tucked under the sheets. You said if i tried to get on I'd get on. You said there were chances but now my chance has gone. I open my curtains at seven am so that you think I'm up with the rest of the men. Love the way this sums up Thatcher's Britain

Bigrob01 22 Nov 2014

I've been listening to the Housemartins and The Connells all day long. Can someone send the time machine back to pick me up?

tungholio 7 Nov 2014

Happy Sunday Friends :)

jimleatherman 17 Aug 2014

From "London 0 Hull 4", my favorite album of all time (I know every song line by line at this point).

ryangibbs 20 Oct 2012