Don't You Want Me by The Human League

“You better change it back or WE WILL BOTH BE SORRY!”

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You better change it back or WE WILL BOTH BE SORRY!   1

astroloma 8 Sep 2012

I can put you back there, too.

bethatc 2 Jul 2015

heh heh, i have no idea what's happening & i love it (i haven't been well, so my jams have been slow)   8

stumbelina 20 May 2014

I was at a work party and the DJ did a little song trivia. He would play a bit from a song and we'd have to guess the song title and the Artist. This song came on and I just can't get enough of it :D

MisbehavingCub 8 Jul 2015

No idea what possessed me to jam this - being the first time I have tried anything from the 19 #80s here at all. Oh well, I've had jams that have lingered for as much as a whole two hours before I changed my mind so...   4

jnsvalente 18 May 2013

Success has been so easy for you...   12

mloup 27 May 2014