When You're Young by The Jam


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sjmckenzie101 6 Oct 2014

My favourite Jam single - three minutes of genius!   4

pjcj 18 Mar 2014

I saw Rick Buckler interviewed about his memoir of his time with The Jam (That's Entertainment: My Life In The Jam) last night - he was actually second to Johnny Rogan who was taking about his Ray Davies autobiography, but I enjoyed Rick more. Did you know that he nicked the drum riff from Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water and used it on Down In The Tube Station At Midnight? Anyway, this was always one of my favourite Jam songs. Such a naive age, but I think it still stands up.

cwparker 21 Apr 2015

'The world is your oyster but your future's a clam'

cliffmiddleton 21 Nov 2013

any guitar and any bass drum!

specialdelivery 4 Oct 2013

Any guitar and any bass drum.

Gill_Beat 31 Jan 2012