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The Joy Formidable are totally one of those bands I never go on about enough. Cholla's one of their best tracks.

Maxy_Barnard 9 Oct 2013

#1 album 2k13 so far (dawn richard an EXTREMELY close second)

maura 22 Jan 2013

Supported Bloc Party; remembered how good they are!

liquidmatt 1 Mar 2013

Great track off of an album I got as a chrimbo present. Love it.

Maxy_Barnard 27 Dec 2013

Riff conquer all

jjb 16 Aug 2013

Holidaying In North Wales, whilst doing so and in a bid to widen my appreciation of all things welsh (well my wife is a native!) thought I 'd share some of what I'd find with my fellow jamers; this one courtesy of @hughesrt

Cornishson73 1 Apr 2014