Human by The Killers

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but stml was first  

Apparently this.

stml 4 Dec 2011

tried to help with support and kindness but reminded of this My go to when I question Good Night XXXX   1

pooblemoo 17 Nov 2014

Theme: Questions Q: Are we human, or are we dancer? A: The two are not mutually exclusive. Your lyrics make no sense, but your song is awesome anyway.

Mercurywaxing 5 Aug 2014

Are we humans or are we dancers?

luislopes5205 13 Jan 2013

#Killersweek Best all time live performance by the Killers (although the 2013 Amsterdam MTV World Stage show I attended comes pretty close). (Dutch Classics can still be found at @dutchzaphod)   24

dutchbeeblebrox 4 Feb 2014

lindalane 29 May 2014