Lola by The Kinks

“Can't stop singing this song...stays with you all day.”

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Can't stop singing this song...stays with you all day.   2

Becksuwak 17 Mar 2015

Well, I guess I've posted that before but it's in my head right now.   8

HappyZebra 13 Dec 2014

So apparently it's #NaughtyWeek - the song mentions cherry cola and champagne so including it in #FoodWeek as well   4

MadameZia 21 Jul 2014

Sing me to sleep.......   2

GregSweet 15 Aug 2015

This is probably one of the most covered songs ever and it's hard to choose one of the covers. The Sonics were contemporaries of The Kingsmen, and this is a distinctly different sound.  [Edited]   42

MsSue 29 Sep 2013

The lead singer's hairstyle and white blazer are reminiscent of Caitlin...cuh cuh cuh cuh Caitlin... The Kinks had it nailed way back when!

sharonkoczaja5 21 Jul 2015