Lola by The Kinks

“🌺 Great Beat 🎶 L O L A 🌹 Cherry Cola 🍒 The Kinks 👙 @ElleMatthewsMod 🌸”

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🌺 Great Beat 🎶 L O L A 🌹 Cherry Cola 🍒 The Kinks 👙 @ElleMatthewsMod 🌸

Mott 7 May 2015

Well, I guess I've posted that before but it's in my head right now.   8

HappyZebra 13 Dec 2014

I love this song so much... Bloody youtube won't let me embed the cool 1970 top of the pops video, so here's just a boring album cover version.   4

derekahmedzai 29 Jul 2015

1970. Not my favorite Kinks song (though I dig it), but it is the one that made me want to hear a lot more.

russellrhomieux 15 Apr 2013

This is probably one of the most covered songs ever and it's hard to choose one of the covers. The Sonics were contemporaries of The Kingsmen, and this is a distinctly different sound.  [Edited]   42

MsSue 29 Sep 2013

Yeah yeah, I know - it must have been jammed a BAZILLION times already, probably by many of YOU. But hey, once more won't hurt ya, and time's a-marching on. So come on now, you all know the words…   11

stevefawcett 21 Sep 2015