Shangri-La by The Kinks


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On a huge Kinks binge at the moment. They do sex, social commentary and everything in between. "Here's your reward for working so hard, gone are the lavatories in the back yard".   2

angelacotter 16 Feb 2014

You've reached your top, and you just can't get any higher. Top 5 Kinks jam.   9

bwhitman 27 Mar 2012

Took my time but made it too the mighty 100!   15

HaveACuppaTea 24 Jun 2013

"Shangri-La" by @thekinks is our weekend whiskey sipping jam. #littleforksoundtrack

littleforkla 10 Jan 2015

Last one for today. Good luck in your Shangri-La x

drumting 9 May 2015

'Put on your slippers and sit by the fire...'   2

davyghost 28 Nov 2014