Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks


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in the summertiiiiiiiime...   7

The1960s 14 Jun 2015

A timeless Ray Davies classic. Right for the time of year!

bootleian 5 Aug 2015

At least the afternoon started out sunny. Cheers, English weather <3.   4

pwoperfish 5 Aug 2013

Save me, save me, save me from this squeeze. / I got a big fat mama trying to break me. / And I love to live so pleasantly, / Live this life of luxury, / Lazing on a sunny afternoon. / In the summertime

imbeta 7 Aug 2015

There's something about this song.   6

daved 6 Aug 2015

Cause I live to live so pleasantly, live this life of luxury. Lazing on a sunday afternoon.   1

SeanHiggins1994 6 Feb 2014