Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks

“Lazing on a sunny afternoon.”

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Lazing on a sunny afternoon.

SmokeSignalsPDX 27 Nov 2012

No excuse whatsoever for two 'Kinky' jams in a week. I just am rediscovering all of their albums and the temptation to jam is strong. Obsessed, me? Come, come you just listen and like it and misbehave. Or none of the above. If you do enjoy it lemme know :) P.S: Afternoon far too sunny for my taste here now. Well sunny is always good. Far too hot then. I'm fairly sure clouded skies and oppressive humid heat would be worse and as they are forecast for later in the week I probably won't regret jamming this particular song.   13

RedStar 8 Jul 2014

A timeless Ray Davies classic. Right for the time of year!

bootleian 5 Aug 2015

Save me, save me, save me from this squeeze. / I got a big fat mama trying to break me. / And I love to live so pleasantly, / Live this life of luxury, / Lazing on a sunny afternoon. / In the summertime

imbeta 7 Aug 2015

in the summertiiiiiiiime...   7

The1960s 14 Jun 2015

Only cause it makes forget the rain... P.S. thanks joe for turning me onto this!!

bengrattan 24 Jan 2012