Like A Pen by The Knife


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gregsabo 5 Oct 2011

Stick with it past the long intro. #fb

xiombarg 24 Feb 2015

I went to see these a few years back. I can remember literally nothing about it.   1

shirleymush 26 Jun 2013

Working all day on repetitive data entry, The Knife is my friend. Silent Shout is one of my top favorite albums of all time, got me all the way through college and I don't think I've ever truly tired of it, just got distracted by other stuff from time to time. It's perfect!

masonshelby 7 Aug 2014

It was a good Scandinavia.

mikemantin 5 Aug 2013

The only good thing about this weather is its appropriateness for listening to The Knife.   2

RosyRong 6 May 2012