We Share Our Mothers Health by The Knife


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Bit of the old Knife to celebrate new Phonogram announcement.   5

McKelvie 26 Feb 2012

Happy birthday, Mother. I know you don't care much for music that isn't by Lionel Richie but you won't be seeing this and any excuse to jam The Knife is an excuse I'll take...love you!!   4

maksuud 20 Jun 2015

trees there will be / apples, food maybe / you know what i fear / the end is always near

currentnameandy 14 Aug 2015

A slightly belated choice for Mothers Day. This sounds like a thousand bouncing balls dancing inside your speakers.

DVCwins 31 Mar 2014

Play loud.

AlicejustMay 18 Aug 2012

And ear worm of the week goes to.... :)

marvellousmissy 15 Jan 2015