Without You My Life Would Be Boring by The Knife


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We're laughing at the future and we cry about the past. I'm holding on forever but how long will forever last?

fake13 6 Jun 2014

oddly the title of this song sums up how I feel about the band

gusandrews 5 May 2014

it's true.

ifjuly 16 Feb 2014

WITH-OUT-YOU-MY-LIFE-WOULD-BEEE BOOOOOOOORRIIIIIIIIIIIING @minusbaby @rob_t_firefly @Maureen @andizeisler

gusandrews 3 Jun 2014

Ⓢℎª₭⦚ℕℊ ℸℍℇ ⒣⍲ℬ⋮⊤⋃⏃∟

aanand 10 Apr 2013

sad to hear The Knife is breaking up. Really enjoyed their obscure musical aesthetic. They'll be missed!

MusicMumbler 21 Aug 2014