Stay The Same by The Shoes

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Some easy listening with The Kooks.

mpotter909 19 Jan 2015

Yeah, same jam as a while ago, but post the crash, post the riots, post the expenses scandal, post the floods everything seems to stay the same. So I got this song stuck in my head.

PersonalNadir 8 Apr 2014

I see the sun rising, And all you see is its fall.

angels_banda 3 Aug 2014

This morning's ear worm!   1

PersonalNadir 26 Jun 2013

So, come on up Wasn't it you who said life was like a plastic cup? To be used and then disposed of Yeah but that's no way to live a lililili... a life like yours Don't you see now how I pay?

RichieFreecs 5 Oct 2014

this song takes my old love of The kooks and enhances it with my new love for dubstep

Annieebee 29 Jul 2013