The Outdoor Type by The Lemonheads

“Probably the best song about hating camping.”

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but robeam was first  

Probably the best song about hating camping.   1

dmk21 29 Jul 2015

“I can't go away with you on a rock climbing weekend. What if something’s on tv and its never shown again?

Futurefabric 25 Jan 2012

If I only had one more song, this would be it....

benjaminfrost1 21 Sep 2015

"The Outdoor Type" by The Lemonheads is my new jam. It's also the song I want played at my funeral.

nickrthompson 14 Nov 2013

True of so many of us

JohnBoreham 14 Jun 2015

Love this track, it reminds me of being 15 which was ages ago

robeam 10 Dec 2011