The First Picture Of You by The Lotus Eaters

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"Seeing the flowers scream their joy" - summer is here   3

RossCampbell 8 Jun 2014

A UK #15 in 1983. Lovely. #onehitwondersweek   18

Astromonkey 5 Mar 2014

@StevenHowe has Jammed a (shortened) performance of this from #TOTP: here's the full 7" version in all of its gloriousness.   2

thomasoshea 14 Jan 2014

A summery record for a summery day in London town (and elsewhere)...   4

JamieOPR 12 Jun 2014

A sweet song from my youth.

theeequaliser 7 Nov 2014

1983's The First Picture of You was pretty much their only hit, everything else that followed not even coming close to repeating the highs of this song. Their final single "Hurt" reached number 5 in the Italian charts, by which time the band had been dropped by their label Arista before eventually splitting somewhere around 1985. Of course, they didn't know any of this back then. Back then, Peter Coyle, Jem Kelly, Ged Quinn, John Hendry and Phil Lucking believed this song would lead them to bigger and better, fame and fortune beyond their wildest dreams. I still have the single somewhere, in a drawer, in a box. I can't play it anymore, the record player long having disappeared into the nearest charity shop. But now we have the Internet I can play this song whenever I want. Time may dull the memory, but the song remains the same. A fabulous slice of summer pop. #lotuseaters   1

zerozero31 27 Aug 2014