100,000 Fireflies by The Magnetic Fields


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I have a mandolin, I play it all night long It makes me want to kill myself

fishes 19 May 2015

"Why do we still live here / In this repulsive town? / All our friends are in New York" :)

sdshea 15 Apr 2014

At a reasonable exchange rate of 1 Firefly = 10 Kisses, this jam is identical to my last jam!   2

thesunneversets 15 Mar 2012

If somebody forced me to evaluate my musical year of 2015 today (God knows why), I'd say that this was the best song I encountered that year

borvebaunehoj 11 Jan 2015

I judge that it is almost exactly ten years since I first met my good chum @thesunneversets, who introduced me to this song. Happy freniversary! (Yes, yes, it probably appears on This Is My Jam every day - take it up with him!)   6

Owlsoup 24 Apr 2014

What is a dobro, anyway?¿?   3

pabloldias 5 Feb 2014