100,000 Fireflies by The Magnetic Fields


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"Why do we still live here / In this repulsive town? / All our friends are in New York" :)

sdshea 15 Apr 2014

What is a dobro, anyway?¿?   3

pabloldias 5 Feb 2014

I judge that it is almost exactly ten years since I first met my good chum @thesunneversets, who introduced me to this song. Happy freniversary! (Yes, yes, it probably appears on This Is My Jam every day - take it up with him!)   6

Owlsoup 24 Apr 2014

At a reasonable exchange rate of 1 Firefly = 10 Kisses, this jam is identical to my last jam!   2

thesunneversets 15 Mar 2012

I was OVERWHELMED by the response to my Birthday Jam ( Ramones ) and now, I dedicate this jam to the TIMJ Faithful as a big thank you. SO, why choose this coy little tune for you? Well because,...(A) it's one of the sweetest songs I've heard where "sweet" means truly charming and NOT sickly saccharin....and (B) because "100, 000 fireflies" is my vision of everyone on TIMJ.....100,000 tiny specks of dazzling light trying hard to illuminate this sometimes-Grey world of ours. Well, it's worked for me so far............thank you all.   26

debutch 8 May 2015

I have a mandolin, I play it all night long It makes me want to kill myself

fishes 19 May 2015