I Don't Want to Get Over You by The Magnetic Fields

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I guess I should take Prozac, right? And just smile all night at somebody new. Somebody not too bright, but sweet and kind, who would try to get you off my mind. I could leave this agony behind. Which is just what I'd do, if I wanted to, but I don't want to get over you.

wertler 6 Oct 2014

"Or I could make a career of being blue..."

alexis 4 Apr 2013

Woke up and it was in my head.   6

Charlotta 4 Nov 2012

"I don't wanna get over you" Sorrow, The National

abhean13 3 Apr 2015

November Love

ThisIsACathal 14 Nov 2014

I want some clove cigarettes now.   2

mortice 9 Feb 2012