L'Via L'Viaquez by The Mars Volta

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Zergonoid 18 Apr 2015

Not had any TMV for a while, so have a sexy Spanish break while I cry because I'll never see them live.   5

pwoperfish 1 Feb 2013

A while ago I asked in a blog post why Sonata Arctica didn't do lyrics in Finnish. A German commenter noted that European bands grow up listening to US/UK rock and metal, and that's what they want to sound like, so they write lyrics in English. And I get that. But it's such a different experience to hear an incredible song in your own language. When I was growing up, speaking Spanish—and being Mexican—was the farthest thing from cool that there was. Mexico has a great music tradition, but outside of Salena, Santana and Richie Valens, it's not what you hear on the radio in the US. I first heard the Mars Volta as a grad student, and first heard this song on the radio in my car on the rock station down in SD (94.9). I was blown away. This song was cool as fuck, and it was playing on the mainstream radio! It would've been awesome to hear that as a kid—to see everyone jamming to a song in my family's language even if they didn't understand it. For a kid, this can instill cultural pride.

Dedalvs 28 Aug 2014

Perfect drum tones. Ungodly awesome guitar solo from John Frusciante.

el_mustango 2 Aug 2014