I'm a Believer by The Monkees

“In my head all week now”

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In my head all week now

darraghdoyle 9 Aug 2013

❤ "I thought love was only true in fairy tales" ♪♫   7

IndiHatter 12 Oct 2013

couldn't find a proper video for this song, but this one is even better   3

igormarkovskiy 2 Mar 2013

Billboard #1 on the day I was born.

chrischandler 7 Feb 2015

I’ve changed! Yes. This morning, I received a note from a fellow curmudgeon & relic. I shall name no names...oh alright, it was Bilks @ErnieBilko ... ya’ got it outta’ me...man, you’re good. Anyhoo, it simply said “for God’s sake, let’s be optimistic”. So, there you have it. My epiphany is now in full schwing (just stand off to the left a bit & it’ll probably miss you). I reckon this Jam by The Brothers Mon’kee (no, don’t get celebratory, it’s not my last) reflects my new found optimism...that & a bottle of Mrs Trotter’s Tickling Tincture, which I have smothered over my extremities. My new religion, has made me examine my activities on the all new platforms, that beckon like an oasis in a desert, to a thirsty person who didn’t have Google maps on his mobile. From the end of TIMJ, I vow to… # Follow everyone slavishly, whether I like any of their shit, or not. # Post 63 songs at a time (this will be kept under review, as I actually only know 237 songs)....(yes, there’s more)...   56

21schizoid 21 Sep 2015

A great old song! Loved for years. See the jam, for the lagniappe links to some useful stuff!   27

PeteLaberge 28 Aug 2015