Last Train To Clarksville by The Monkees

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but johnkiggins was first  

Apparently, Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork are touring the UK presently! :)   8

Phyl 2 Sep 2015

I used to love watching their TV show as a child so I was thrilled when #ISawThemLive during their 30th Anniversary tour at Wembley Arena in March 1997. Support was provided my Mike Nesmith's son's band Nancy Boy   6

MadameZia 13 May 2015

RIP Davy Jones

johnkiggins 29 Feb 2012

Today in 1966, the Monkees put us all on "The Last Train to Clarksville." It's still a pretty fun ride...

HackleySchool 10 Sep 2014

1966 Grammy best Rock 'n Roll song, this - along with Eleanor Rigby, Good Vibrations, Monday Monday, and Cherish - lost to...Winchester Cathedral?

davidcard 9 Feb 2015

And I don't know if I'm ever coming home.   1

DadaIsGalletas 12 Mar 2015