The Story in Your Eyes by The Moody Blues


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but phae was first  

As a kid, I never was exposed much to this band. As an adult, I'm finding I love this band more and more

Ipequey 9 Oct 2012

..because it has been on my phone as a ring tone for years, and there it will stay..the melody/lyrics/rhythm - all the Moodies at their best ( and I am not ashamed to say I have always been a fan, especially for their albums up to Seventh Sojourn - always something just, you know ....) Now if you had my number you could call me and jam it right back ..:)   7

donuno 7 Feb 2014

My first concert ever <3 Columbus, OH, 1994.   1

StefinRaleigh 14 Nov 2013

mad greeks? eeeks. love this true classic from tmb.   1

peterh07 27 Jan 2014

-wash all our heartaches away... for @maladylis in surgery this morning @LOSTargs

MJHasOwlEyes 19 Oct 2012