Young & Unafraid by The Moth & The Flame

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but drdantediaz was first  

a magazine stole this band's content and has generated more than 3 million hits (resulting in revenue; in other words, they're making money from someone else's work). I'm doing my part to signal boost the original, please help by sharing it everywhere you can.

DrProximo 11 May 2015

this song could have easily come out 30 years ago. I love this bands style. Worth checking out if you dig the 80's/retro sounding stuff

tmason 15 Jun 2015

we're the patient performer the kid in the corner we were just tuning you out we are young & unafraid #themothandtheflame #young&unafraid

jnetbybee 21 Sep 2015

#RadioRadinito #YoungandUnafraid #TheMothandtheFlame Please support this band just by watching their video!

Radinitocmoi 11 May 2015