Genesis 30:3 by The Mountain Goats

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sounds kind of dumb when i say it, but it's true: i would do anything for you.

bloodstone 6 Dec 2013

"open up the doors to the tent. wonder where the good times went. i will do what you ask me to do, because of how i feel about you."

aliceness 24 Jul 2013

Last night, I started talking to an old friend about knocking on the front door of the house where you grew up and seeing what it looks like now. I don't think I could ever do that, but that's what this song is about.   2

melking 4 Nov 2013

This has been my son's lullaby for the last couple weeks. (Also, the inexplicable Masters of Evil image is a plus.)

twinfountain 3 Dec 2014

Something foreboding about whitecaps on the Mon ... today's [jam] is "Genesis 19: 1-2" by the Mountain Goats. |

tmont 14 Oct 2014

Drive home with old dreams at play in my mind and the wind at my back

melking 22 Jul 2014