All of This by The Naked and Famous

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Okay, so I decided to get my panties out of a twist (or pull my head out of my arse, you choose) and grow up a bit... I will post until the bitter end... From my favorite album of 2010.Its one of those albums that I love every song. .. the words seem a bit fitting for how I am feeling "i can't begin to explain how we disassemble the parts and frame baby it's the same late morning the same no show it's the same fucking habits i guess we don't know all of this is tearing us apart i don't know where us or this start"   20

christineb 11 Aug 2015

Stumbling upon a lonely beach firework display in Port Grimaud- cue jiving away to this. Mint.

ollielansdowne 13 Aug 2013

Going on a bit of a TN&F binge.

miralize 22 Mar 2013

Finally got around to getting Passive Me - Aggressive You. Good stuff.

adamlack 16 Mar 2015

Upbeat electro, songs of angst.

acreature 30 Sep 2011

As plans turn into compromise, promises all turn to lies; spite builds up and I can't get through...   1

mayazimmerman 26 Mar 2013