Green Gloves by The National

“Mellow tune from one of my favorite contemporary bands.”

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Mellow tune from one of my favorite contemporary bands.   2

kfarrnd 14 May 2014

I'm back and it's an obvious one. Addicted to this song at the moment & album forever   1

jamielaing 29 Oct 2013


russellrhomieux 5 Mar 2013

I feel like I'm always trying to detach myself, to love people from a distance. The other day I realised that I don't even want to meet anyone new, I'd rather just watch people and pretend that they're television, a New Yorker article, an uneventful weather report for places I never visit. They're none of my business unless they need help.

jenoro 8 Sep 2014

'cause i'm the best slow dancer in the universe

wastedalgorithm 21 Aug 2014

First time I met The National…I fell in love immediately ~ Get inside their heads, love their loves ~ Cinderella through the room I glide and swan 'Cause I'm the best slow dancer In the universe #thenational #indierock

violetwu 26 Aug 2015