Secret Meeting by The National

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Last week I saw them for the fourth time. Didn't like the new album that much, and most songs from it didn't work that well live (except for a few like Graceless, I Should Live in Salt, Don't Swallow the Cap and Sea of Love)... but it doesn't really matter. The show was great. I've been listening to their music for so long and been a fan for so many years that it's all worth it just to listen to some of their best (Terrible Love, Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks, Sorrow, Abel, Afraid of Everyone, Slow Show... they never play enough from Sad Songs, Alligator or Boxer). This one, in particular, sounds amazingly powerful live. It was the third song of their set, the fourth time I was listening to it live, and as soon as they started playing it it just brought tears to my eyes. It was my fourth time seeing them, and I'll probably see them four more.

gonch145 27 Nov 2013

"I had a secret meeting in the basement of my brain"   1

loversandhaters 29 Aug 2015

"Didn't anybody tell you, this river's full of lost sharks"

jclyne56 16 Dec 2013

I have been on a serious The National kick last couple of weeks. Here is an old one I really like. What do you think they shout at the end of the song?   1

Tox_Doc 26 May 2015

This is my favorite National song this week. It's kind of perfect.   3

inthefade 23 Sep 2012

Had a rare night out last night seeing these guys at the Roundhouse. When they played Secret Meeting I remembered how much I love them.   2

teeza 27 Jun 2013