Adventures In Solitude by The New Pornographers

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Happy Tuesday pals

jimleatherman 10 Feb 2015


ker_pow 6 Jul 2014

I saw The New Pornographers (and Mini Mansions supporting) on Tuesday. No Neko Case in evidence, alas, but this song was still my highlight...   1

thesunneversets 5 Dec 2014

Sleeping for years, pick through what is left through the pieces that fell and rose from the depths.

housetoastonish 22 Dec 2011

This has unusual transitions, progressions, timing, and has a gentle intimacy that contrasts well with the typical New Pornographers harmonies in the later sections. Possibly my favorite of their work.

sjemery 22 Feb 2015

We just saw the NPs on Tuesday in Ithaca. Good show, as usual. No Neko, but tons of Bejar. They also played this song, which is so great. 'Challengers' is not their best album, but I feel like it's underrated, or at least the best stuff on it (like this song) is underrated.   2

spitesprite 14 Feb 2015