Little Fluffy Clouds by The Orb

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Dalek 9 Aug 2015

Came on my iPod shuffle earlier (wasn't even aware it was on there) and it felt like bumping into a really old friend I haven't seen in years.   3

Charlotta 18 Mar 2015

Still sounds as good as ever. Gave a nice tinge to my morning

Silks 3 Apr 2015

Choon of my youth.   4

loboska 27 Mar 2015

Controversial when it came out in 1990 because Alex Paterson has a tendency to use samples of artists without permission, as in the case of Rickie Lee Jones who is the female voice here. They settled out of court. It's an interesting track anyway...hope you like it. #Oddments   8

jovisgoesnuts 2 Mar 2014

Spring is here! Nothing can affect your mood the way weather and music can, right? We have a new post and playlist up for your listening pleasure! We hope you enjoy, comment and basically bask in it! ;)

MVD 21 Mar 2015