Young Adult Friction by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

“Somewhere on my top ten best songs ever list. So perfect.”

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but banterability was first  

Somewhere on my top ten best songs ever list. So perfect.   3

marshamarsh 14 Sep 2012

Between the stacks of the library/ Not like anyone stopped to see/ We came, they went, our bodies spent...   5

thesunneversets 1 May 2013

Love this band. Their albums are ace. Was really hard to chose a favourite track.

DawnLouiseSimp 30 Sep 2012

Love this.   3

abigail.deeks 11 Apr 2014

From the series: I can't believe this isn't on my shelves yet.

tobiassvn 30 Jun 2015

"You put your back to the spines / and you said it was fine..." This shouldn't work.

flaneur 13 Aug 2012