Light & day / Reach for the Sun by The Polyphonic Spree


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From the soundtrack of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Can't believe it's been a decade...

antjietunes 13 Jul 2014

"REACH for the BRIGHT SIDE"........It's OK, I haven't joined these guys & become a druid or something with awkward body co-ordination. I've just been busy recently, recognising the things that matter, which of course is embracing life & all those around you, laughter & sharing......yes, that's all there is to it.......It's the Monty Python philosophy you'll find on my page. No Jean Paul Sartre here. I always thought 'cerebral' was something you poured milk onto , anyway. "Reach for the bright side"? Well, if you want an alternative, then what ELSE you gonna do? :-)   44

debutch 11 Aug 2015

A nice way to start a quiet Friday morning with a boom.

timothk 3 Feb 2012


felix_cohen 13 Jul 2012

Been loving this song for a few days now!   2

ajrdesign 14 Aug 2012