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Enjoying this cover of Nirvana's Lithium

vahva 22 Mar 2014

Yes, they look like escapees from the Branch Davidians, but their cult is music, and this song rocks.   1

gengelcox 19 Dec 2011

I love this video! Great for Weird-Ass Wednesday! And a wiggy one to ya all! Texas Jams brings ya, Polyphonic Spree, performing a Nirvana cover, Lithium. Hope some enjoy the tune. Take care, be cool and peace out...   2

capnhollis 8 Jul 2015

This is an incredibly loyal cover. Perfect down to every octave change.

Raevyns 24 Apr 2013

#Cobain #21YearsAgo

primuspilus6969 6 Apr 2015

I'm just going to put this right here & keep it on repeat to get through today if that's alright. K? Thanks.   1

my3ringlife 11 Aug 2013