Soldier Girl by The Polyphonic Spree


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but Parclyfe was first  

It's some people's job to be in the Polyphonic Spree. Maybe I did the wrong A Levels.   2

countryboy 15 Jan 2013

You'll never come across another band like The Polyphonic Spree. 18 band members. Tim DeLaughter is a genius.

jpaylor 10 Jan 2013

Oh this is a song for singing at the top of your voice. An uplifting tune to start a good night out.

billythepost 15 May 2015

Get yer white kaftan on and go skip in the sunshine ! :-)   4

MirandaKitten 20 Apr 2013

Oldie but goody.

Lucycaroline 20 Feb 2015

#WeekendJam Normal service resumes next week.

Olimite 2 Nov 2013