What Would You Do? by The Polyphonic Spree


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but thomas72 was first  

Today it's my birthday and my boyfriend gave me "Yes, It's True" on vinyl! ♥ ♫ So, this is my new jam! =)   6

laurafantyz 17 Apr 2014

"Yes, It's True!!" There's a new The Polyphonic Spree album! Enjoy! =D

laurafantyz 27 Jul 2013

I only have the strength of ten men.

Zoyx 30 Mar 2012

I don't care that the new Polyphonic Spree LP.isn't all that. This song exists. That's enough for me. WE'RE TRAGIC! WE'RE HUMAN! WE'RE BEAUTIFUL - DON'T EVER FORGET!

alexcornetto 16 Aug 2013

it's hard to write a sincere self help anthem but bowie did it, morrissey did it, and this one is really good too.

AHR 8 Aug 2013

sing this song for yourself

radicalannie 6 May 2013